Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. That means I’ve recommended a few things for you in this post and if you purchase them, I receive a small commission for your purchase. Thank you for supporting my endeavors with Workplace Wellness Guru!

Maybe you are just starting your wellness journey or maybe your wellness journey is now part of your daily routine…wherever you are, these tools can enhance or improve your wellness journey.

1. StepBet

My sister told me about this wellness tool. She’s been using it to hold herself accountable and it’s been working. She’s lost 20 lbs with this app and she’s getting paid to stay fit! So what is it?

StepBet is a movement tracking app that allows you to enter step challenges and bet against yourself. By betting real money against yourself, you are more likely to stay motivated through the challenges and…

BONUS, if you beat your goal, you win back the money you bet plus a piece of the winners pot!

So if you are already counting those steps on your FitBit or you need something to get you out of that office chair, StepBet is for you!

2. Freeletics

This app is super cool. Who needs a gym membership when this app provides workouts and nutritional support? By the way, no equipment is needed! Just you and your body which means you can train anytime, anywhere….for seconds or hours, this app has it all!

This app also features the ability to signup for a fitness coach for a nominal fee and with a community of over 36 million users, you can even meet up with local groups to exercise together!

Being physically fit is a foundational concept to your well being. With no equipment necessary, this app is great for quick exercises in the office. Get your friends and coworkers to join and use the app to guide your group through an exercise activity!

3. Ten Percent Happier Meditation

If you could be 10% happier would you? This app is brought to you by #1 New York Times bestseller, ABC news anchor Dan Harris who had an on-air panic attack in 2004 which prompted him to search for a better way to deal with the voice in his head and be less yanked around by his emotions.

The app is designed to help you sleep better, be more mindful, improve your relationships, and become just about ten percent happier.

In the workforce, we tend to spend most of the day completing tasks for others and we forget to spend a moment focusing on ourselves. A balance between our work and personal lives is a fine line. With a helpful meditation app, you can take a step away from the pressure and stress of your work and take a moment to care for your mental and emotional health.

4. Motivational Podcasts

If you are in the Business world, The Gary Vee Audio Experience is for you. This guy is straight to the point, engaging to listen to, and has phenomenally motivational content.

Known for his best-selling book The 4 Hour Workweek, Tim Ferris’s podcast The Time Ferris Show is a great motivational resource for everyone in the workforce.

If you need help getting rid of and cutting ties with things, people and situations that will bring you down or be a distraction to your end goal, The Minimalists podcast is for you! The Minimalists blog is actually the blog that influenced me to start my blog! Their blog is also what inspired me to create a workplace wellness resource that is simple and easily understood by the variety of people within the workforce.

5. Self Help Books

If you read my blog post How Poor Sleep Affects Your Worklife and What You Can Do About It then you know I’m a big fan of self help books!

These are just a couple of my favorites that have heavily influence my outlook on life and how I motivate myself to keep trying even when failure knocks me down a few pegs.

Wellness incorporates a wide range of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects. Using self help books are great ways to touch on those aspects and improve your mental toughness, build resilience, manage stress and be the best you. I’ve found a lot of confidence within myself and my abilities after reading self help books and I bet you can too!

What have you done to improve your wellness journey? What aspects do you struggle with and what aspects are easy for you to incorporate in your daily routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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