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Traditionally, we view “self care” as an out of work routine but it’s just as important to practice self care at work. Take time to step away from the desk and relax. We all have deadlines to meet but burning your candle at both ends isn’t going to help you get there faster. When you catch yourself stressing, procrastinating, and feeling unfocused and tired…it may be time for a self care break. Allowing your brain and body to relax in the work place allows you to be more productive and creative. Self care is designed to be personal; not all methods of self care work for everyone BUT here are 5 ideas to inspire a self care break at work.

1.Power Nap

I will never stop suggesting power naps at work. They are such a simple and refreshing way to take a moment for yourself and escape the chaos of the office. I work near the State Capitol in Sacramento and there are some great napping spots in the parks nearby and quite a few people bring their picnic blanket to take a nap outside on their lunch break. Outside isn’t an option for you? I’ve seen people use a tension rod and curtain to create a private space in their cubicle to nap. They even make hammocks for your desk space! If laying on the ground in your cubicle sounds uncomfortable, try a Pilates mat, foam pad, or camping cot. Don’t forget a light blanket and pillow and you are ready to take a 15-30 minute nap!

2. Read a Book

Take your mind off the busy work and read something just for fun! If you want to really relax, try an audio book so you can lay back, relax those muscles and close those eyes. Enjoy the moment!

3. Listen To a Podcast

Listening to an engaging podcast is a great way to let your mind focus on something other than work. The topics Podcasts cover are quite diverse. From money management, celebrity gossip, politics, wellness tips and more…the list goes on and on.

4. Get Sweaty

There are a ton of body weight exercises you can do in a cubicle or office hallway to help you unwind and boost those endorphins to make you happy at work. Check out these moves presented by The Washington Post.

4. Guided Meditation

Sometimes you just need someone else to tell you what to do. Find a comfy spot, put your headphones in, relax and listen to the Honest Guys guide you through being present and achieving calmness.

5. Practice Affirmations

When the afternoon rolls around, the pressure might be settling in to finish everything and you may need a confidence boost to keep up the hard work. Strike a power pose and try these affirmations for the workplace!

  • I can handle whatever comes at me.
  • I am capable of taking on this project.
  • I will work hard and I will succeed.
  • I am where I am supposed to be in this moment.
  • In the words of Nike…”Just Do It”.

Sometimes work can be challenging and demanding but remember that you have to come first or you won’t be able to work at your best. Develop your self care routine at work, set your timer for “me time” to remind you when it’s time to set work aside and focus on you.

Do you have a self care plan implemented at work? What are your favorite out of work self care routines that can be incorporated in the workplace? Let us know in the comments below!

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