MINDFUL MEDITATION: 4 Tips to Get You Started

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Ah, it’s Wednesday…or hump day… you know, the middle of the week and you’re probably wondering how you’re going to make it to Friday. Assignments seem to be piling up and project deadlines are rapidly approaching. Like many workers, just reading those first few sentences may have increased your heart rate and quickened your breathing. It’s a natural “fight or flight” response to stress. You think about everything that has to be done and suddenly, you’re overwhelmed. The stress we create at work follows us home at night and can affect our sleep, our immune system, and relationships with friends and family.

A great way to combat the overwhelming feeling of “things to do” is to participate in mindful meditation. The goal with mindful meditation is to allow yourself to be in the present and let things go. When you begin to feel overwhelmed at work, take a few minutes to center yourself through mindful meditation.

4 Easy Steps for Mindful Meditation

Step 1:

Find a quiet and comfortable space. If your office has a wellness room, start there. If your office does not offer quiet spaces, try noise cancellation headphones, an empty conference room, a slow use hallway, or find a nice bench outside.

Step 2:

Breathe. Take a minute to focus on your breath as you inhale and exhale. Let your breath guide the flow of your thoughts.

Step 3:

Be present. With your inhales, be aware of the thoughts flowing into your mind. On your exhales, let the the thought and any associated worry or stress flow out of your mind and out of your body.

Step 4:

Stay focused. Thoughts will come and go; let them pass. Some people like to count (like counting sheep) to keep thoughts from intruding and distracting them from their breath.

If thoughts become too distracting, try guided meditation through apps like Omvana.

Make mindful meditation a regular part of your day! I’ve created a simple and FREE graphic for you to print for easy accessibility in your workplace. Whenever you need a moment to center yourself, follow the step by step guide to relax and then refocus on your tasks at hand. The graphic is social media friendly so share with your coworkers so they can relax, unwind, and conquer their day!

When you are feeling overwhelmed at work, what do you do to relax and refocus? Share with us in the comments below!

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