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Most people know the body is made of mostly water, yet staying adequately hydrated is still a challenge for most of us. About 75% of Americans don’t drink the recommended 10 cups of water a day which means there is a large population of the workforce that is moderate-severely dehydrated. How is the workplace affected by dehydration?

  1. studies suggest that dehydration leads to a loss in productivity.
  2. symptoms of dehydration may lead employees to call out sick.
  3. chronic fatigue, irritability, and headaches from dehydration may affect your relationship with coworkers and supervisors.

5 Reasons employees don’t drink enough water…

  • water is not easily accessible.
  • the employee does not set break reminders to use the bathroom, walk, stretch, and get water.
  • the employee feels plain drinking water is boring and flavorless.
  • the employee is unaware of the implications of dehydration.
  • the employee believes sodas and sports drinks are an adequate alternative. (Surprise! those drinks can make your dehydration worse.)

How can we improve our hydration in the workplace?

*Disclaimer: You are able to drink “too much” water, so if you have questions regarding your specific daily intake, speak with a healthcare professional.

You may be surprised but it could be something as simple as having a water bottle that fits your lifestyle or water intake goals. Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

1. Get an awesome (smart) water bottle.

The Hidrate Spark water bottle is a great choice for people who need to be reminded to drink water. This water bottle integrates with your smartphone to track your water intake and remind you to take a drink. I saw this water bottle light up on a coworkers desk and thought “how weird” so I asked him why he had a light up water bottle and he told me that it lights up to remind him to take a drink. How cool is that?!

The Hidrate Spark holds 24oz so you only need to refill it about 3 times to hit the recommended daily intake. This water bottle also syncs with most fitness apps and it will recommend water intake based on your daily activity levels. Oh, and it’s on sale right now!

2. Get a BIG water bottle.

In my office, water is not easily accessible. It’s an old building and water fountains are few and far between. Most of the departments have a water program where employees can chip in a few bucks and the supervisor will purchase a large, refillable jug for everyone to use but frankly, I’d rather walk down the street to the nearest Starbucks and get my water for free (and I get to add a few steps to my fitness app).

So, I bought a BIG water bottle that I fill at home and at the end of the day, I’ve meet my recommended intake with one water bottle. If I’m feeling extra thirsty, I will walk to the Starbucks nearby and they will refill it for free! They now recognize me as “the water girl” and welcome me with “wow, great job on your water intake today!”.

3. Get an inspirational water bottle!

Sometimes, people need just a little bit of motivation. I know my “goal oriented” friends tend to like water bottles like these because it outlines your daily goal on the water bottle and it keeps you focused on achieving those goals.

4. Spruce it up.

Drinking plain water has never been an issue for me but I do know many people who need some added flavor in order to drink water. I highly recommend staying away from artificial flavoring packets and try infusing your water with fruit and vegetables. The Cactaki Water Bottle is not only a fruit infusing water bottle, it also has goal markers for hourly water intake and it comes with a FREE recipe guide to get you started on your fruit infusing water journey!

5. Filter It.

For some, water may be accessible but it may not be the best quality. A great option is to have a water bottle with a filter. Filtered water bottles help by reducing bacteria, chlorine, and protozoa that may be harmful to your health.

Do you struggle with hydration in the workplace? What are your tips for staying hydrated in the office?

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