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People spend almost a third of their life working. Is it any wonder that hours upon hours spent at an office desk can affect your spine? With most office jobs creating a sedentary lifestyle, many employees lose the muscle strength needed to support their spine. Combined with poor workplace ergonomics, it’s no wonder that back pain is one of the most common reasons for missed work. The good news is that most back pain is preventable!

Here are 8 tips to prevent back pain.

1.Maintain a healthy diet and weight.

2. Create an exercise regimen that includes back strength and back flexibility elements.

3. Maintain proper posture.

4. Take frequent breaks at work to stand, walk, and stretch.

5. Have a work space ergonomic assessment to ensure your workstation is properly set up to prevent postural and repetitive motion strain.

6. Schedule regular adjustments with your Chiropractor to support a healthy spine.

7. When lifting a heavy object, keep the object close to your body, lift with your legs, and do not twist.

8. Schedule a regular massage to relax muscles that may be tense from stress and sitting at an office desk all day.

Back pain is the third leading cause of hospital visits and in most cases, it is preventable. Including these 8 tips into your lifestyle will keep you on track to being a healthier you at work!

Do you have any tips and tricks to prevent back pain that wasn’t listed above? Share with us in the comments below!

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