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My mom is a Master Gardener and like myself, she also worked in a health related field. As a kid, I remember her office always having a couple plants. When she retired and moved across the country, I inherited a giant Schefflera and a Philodendron that was older than I was. I never had indoor plants when I lived on my own and the Schefflera did not last long ( I over watered it). As time went on, I grew my collection of house plants but I never thought to bring them into my office until years later. So don’t wait like I did!

7 reasons to bring plants into your office space today!

1.Reduce Stress

Studies show plants play a role in keeping our mood happy and balanced at work. The data speaks for itself…

  • 37% reduction in tension/anxiety
  • 58% reduction in depression/dejection
  • 44% reduction in anger/hostility
  • 38% reduction in fatigue

2. Get Creative

Plants have been shown to increase creativity by 15%. The theory is plants make us feel relaxed, calm, and happy and therefore boost our ability to be creative.

3. Be Productive

Multiple studies have found that workers can increase their productivity up to 15% when plants are nearby. Plants reduce excess carbon dioxide in the air which is attributed to the higher levels of concentration.

4. Better Indoor Air Quality

By introducing a ratio of 1 plant per 3 employees, air quality can be improved within the work place.

  • CO2 can be reduced by 10-25% depending on the building
  • dust levels in the workplace can be reduced by 20%
  • indoor plants remove chemicals such as benzene, trichloroethylene, and formaldehyde from the air.
  • plants balance air humidity
  • reduce symptoms of “sick building syndrome” (SBS)

5. Immune System Boost

Think about office air in relation to airplane air….most offices don’t have airflow unless the heater or air-conditioning is on. So when it’s off, you are just sitting in stale air full of everyone’s exhales. This can lead to “sick building syndrome” or SBS for short. Poor air quality leads to a compromised immune system. When plants were introduced to the workplace, employers were able to:

  • reduce absenteeism by up to 50%
  • reduce minor illnesses by 30%

6. Reduce Noise

Tired of distracting background noise? Plants have been shown to reduce ambient noise within an office by almost 5 decibels.

7. It Looks Good!

The fresh greenery in your office gives your work space a little extra flare. The green color keeps your space fresh and comfortable.

Where to find indoor plants…

The great part about indoor plants is you can buy them just about anywhere. Try your local plant nursery to support small business or try Costa Farms on Amazon and they’ll mail your plant straight to your door!

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