The Beginning of Workplace Wellness

Since the late 1970’s,  employers have been taking steps to optimize their workforce by offering employee wellness programs and/or resources. Originally, this concept was portrayed as “Corporate Fitness” which focused on weight loss, physical activity, and nutrition.

Today, people are shifting the focus from “weight” to “wellness”. Even the long standing Weight Watchers program was rebranded to “WW” with an emphasis on “Wellness that Works”. As body positivity and inclusion became a call to action, employers have had to keep with the times by offering creative employee wellness programs that focused on functional and preventative medicine concepts.

What does a wellness program include?

A quality Workplace Wellness Program is designed to offer employees the opportunity to find balance and growth within the 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

When an employer invests in developing their employees, they see a direct increase in employee satisfaction and retention. Workplace Wellness Programs are a cost effective way to show employees that they are valued and Employers see a Return on Investment (ROI).

Workplace Wellness Studies have shown that:

  1. Healthy employees are more productive and have fewer accidents due to not being overweight, tired, out of shape, stressed, or lacking sleep.
  2. Healthy employees experience less absenteeism. Some employers have reduced absenteeism by 40% with a good wellness program.
  3. Healthy employees have lower healthcare costs. For every $1 spent on a quality wellness program, employers saw a $3 savings in healthcare costs for corporations.
  4. Employers with good wellness programs typically have a good company culture which improves their ability to attract and retain top talent.

Workplace Wellness Programs can be simple or fluidly complex. Whatever the design, evidence shows they benefit the employer and the employee. If you are interested in implementing a Workplace Wellness Program at your office, drop me a message! I’ll help you get started.

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